How to Bypass reCaptcha on Android and iOS#

June 03,2024

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Overview of reCaptcha#

reCaptcha is a widely-used security tool designed to differentiate between human users and automated bots

Importance of bypassing reCaptcha#

Many users find reCaptcha frustrating and time-consuming, especially when browsing on mobile devices. This article explores various methods to bypass reCaptcha on Android and iOS devices.

Understanding reCaptcha#

  • What is reCaptcha?: reCaptcha is a service provided by Google to protect websites from spam and abuse by using various tests to determine if the user is human.

  • How reCaptcha works: It works by analyzing user behavior, such as mouse movements and keystrokes, and presenting challenges like identifying images.

  • Types of reCaptcha: The main types are reCaptcha v2 (image-based) and reCaptcha v3 (score-based).

Why Bypass reCaptcha?#

Convenience and accessibility: Bypassing reCaptcha can make web browsing smoother and more accessible for all users.

Time-saving benefits: It saves valuable time, especially for frequent web users.

Methods to Bypass reCaptcha on Android and iOS#

Using Browser Extensions: Browser extensions can automate the process of solving reCaptcha challenges.

Automated Scripts: Scripts can be written to automate the process.

Captcha Solving Services: Online services that solve captchas for a fee.

Browser Extensions for Bypassing reCaptcha#

Browser Extensions for Bypassing reCaptcha Some recommended extensions include Buster and AntiCaptcha Best extensions for iOS: Recommended extensions are limited, but some browser-specific solutions exist.

Automated Scripts for Bypassing reCaptcha#

Python scripts: Python can be used to create scripts that bypass reCaptcha. JavaScript solutions: JavaScript can also be employed for this purpose.

Captcha Solving Services#

How they work: These services use human workers to solve captchas or sophisticated algorithms.

Top services to use: Popular services include NextCaptcha.

NextCaptcha will bypass the reCAPTCHA v2 CAPTCHAs for you. The cheap CAPTCHA solver services,and pay as you go CAPTCHA solver services.
  • Sign up to NextCaptcha and get the free trial CAPTCHAs solver service.

  • Build the API requests task with your target websiteKey.

  • Submit g-recaptcha-response with CAPTCHA protected pages and scrape the reCAPTCHA v2 website or the api data.

For example:
    "task": {
build the Task object structure: send it with request sdk or use the cURL option to perform requests. Did it work? Retry your request if needed, which is enough in 99.7% of the cases.


Recap of key points: This article covered various methods to bypass reCaptcha, their benefits, and potential risks.

Final thoughts: While bypassing reCaptcha can be convenient, it's essential to consider the legal and ethical implications.


  • What is reCaptcha?: A Google service to differentiate humans from bots.
  • What are the best methods for bypassing reCaptcha?: Methods include browser extensions, automated scripts, third-party apps, captcha solving services, and developer tools.
  • Are there any risks in bypassing reCaptcha?: Yes, including security risks and reliability issues.
  • How can I stay safe while bypassing reCaptcha?: Use reputable tools, stay informed, and be cautious of scams.