Easy Way To Solve And Bypass hCaptcha: A Step by Step Guide#

April 08,2024

In this article, you'll learn how to solve and bypass HCaptcha with the best strategies to go unnoticed.

What are HCaptcha?#

hCaptcha is an alternative to reCAPTCHA, and it also is free for non-enterprise customers. hCaptcha requires website visitors to label images, which is notable because hCaptcha parent company is an image labeling company, and data vendors buy the labeled data obtained from the widget.
Because of these manual processes, hCaptcha uses less data to run its service than Google does, but hCaptcha also utilizes cookies. Each user's unique identification is stored in one of these cookies, which may allow hCaptcha to follow users across websites that employ it.

How does hCaptcha Work?#

Regular website visitors must manually complete an image classification task based on a series of images using hCaptcha. It can be quite difficult because hCaptcha's labeling assignments are frequently more difficult than reCAPTCHA's. Enterprise customers may use an invisible version of the Captcha, but it still requires the user to manually solve a puzzle if not enough user data can be collected to determine whether the visitor is a human or a bot.

How to solve hCaptcha CAPTCHAs#

The hCaptcha CAPTCHA can come up while accessing any web page. This prevents you from obtaining the data you need if you don't solve it.
An easy way to solve the hCaptcha CAPTCHA is to integrate NextCaptcha with your web scraper and extract the content you want without limitations.

How to Bypass hCaptcha CAPTCHAs#

To bypass the hCaptcha CAPTCHA, you must understand it has different difficulty levels. The difficulty varies by web page, and the ease of bypassing each depends on the level used by a website.
An easy way to access any web page on the internet, regardless of its level of protection, is to use NextCaptcha, the Captcha solver for recaptcha, hcaptcha, funcaptcha online Service. Cheap captcha solving service.

how to solve and bypass HCaptcha?#

NextCaptcha will bypass the hCaptcha CAPTCHAs automatic for you, including all its subtypes: Manual, InVisible, and Passive. NextCaptcha captcha solving service uses AI and exploit request-based and a free-of-charge retry approach.
  • Sign up on NextCaptcha.

  • Make API requests with your target website

  • Bypass CAPTCHA-protected pages

Step 1: Get your free API key#

Sign up on NextCaptcha and to get your hCaptcha solver free trial right away nextcaptcha-api-key Step 2: Check Out the api document of solver hCaptcha
let us make the solver task request body
    "clientKey":"api key",
    "task": {
        "enterprisePayload": {
                "rqdata": "eyJ0eXAi"
let check some key of body
  • the key you copy form your dashboad

  • the solver task type

  • the target website which you want bypass hCaptcha

  • hCaptcha website key. Can be found in the data-sitekey attribute of the hCaptcha div element or the sitekey parameter of a request to the hCaptcha API or you can follow this article: https://nextcaptcha.com/blog/how-to-find-sitekey-from-captcha-services

  • Works with hCaptcha invisible version - no checkbox but challenge will appear. Typically used with callback functions

  • The hcaptcha rqdata, An Object containing additional parameters, such as: **rqdata**

  • hCaptcha Proxy type include:http, socks4, socks5

  • bypass hCaptcha Proxy server IP address or hostname

  • bypass hCaptcha proxy server port

  • bypass hCaptcha Proxy server login name

  • bypass hCaptcha Proxy server login password

Other easy way to solve hCaptcha is use our the NextCaptcha-python sdk to bypass hCaptcha
  pip install nextcaptcha-python
  from nextcaptcha import NextCaptchaAPI
  api = NextCaptchaAPI(client_key="YOUR_CLIENT_KEY")
  result = api.hcaptcha(website_key="WEBSITE_KEY", website_url="WEBSITE_URL")
  if result["status"] == "ready":
      print(f"hCaptcha solved: {result['solution']}")
      print(f"Failed to solve hCaptcha : {result['error']}")


solve hCapthcha presents a formidable challenge for any scraping. Although techniques like premium proxies have advantages, it's crucial to recognize that a CAPTCHA Solver Service API provides the easiest route to guaranteed results. For more insights, check out this bypass guide. And if you're ready to streamline your web scraping efforts, Sign up now to try NextCaptcha bypass service for free.