How To Bypass FunCaptcha in 2024#

April 19,2024


Solve FunCAPTCHA in the easy way and only pry for successful solve task#

NextCaptcha will bypass the FunCAPTCHA CAPTCHAs for you. The pay as you go CAPTCHA solver services and the cheapest CAPTCHA solving services.
  • Sign up to NextCaptcha and get the free trial of CAPTCHAs solving service.

  • Build the API requests task with your target website or with CAPTCHAs solving service SDK

  • Sumbit token with FunCAPTCHA protected pages and scrape the FunCAPTCHA website or api data.

Step 1: Get the NextCaptcha clientKey#

Sign up to NextCaptcha to get your free API key and free trial credits immediately.

Step 2: Build your FunCAPTCHA bypass task#

After signing up, you'll get to find the websitePublicKey or other parame of target website For example:

websitePublicKey: 1321AA23-3128-1B8A-9AA2-A25A21123A34

Task object structure example:
    "task": {
        "data": "{\"blob\": \"lkjas13jasf23.azoiu21klzcasd12UaoSsf....\"}"
build the Task object structure send it with request sdk or use the cURL option to perform requests. Did it work? Retry your request if needed, which is enough in 99.7% of the cases.

send it with Python CAPTCHA solving service SDK
from nextcaptcha import NextCaptchaAPI
api = NextCaptchaAPI(client_key="YOUR_CLIENT_KEY")
result = api.funcaptcha(website_url="", website_public_key="WEBSITE_PUBLIC_KEY")

Step 3: Scrape all FunCAPTCHA protected pages#

Sumbit token with CAPTCHA-protected pages and scrape the FunCAPTCHA website or api data.