how to find FunCaptcha Solver parameter#

April 05,2024

In the ever-evolving digital age, where security mechanisms like CAPTCHAs safeguard websites from bots and malicious activities, overcoming these barriers - particularly for legitimate testing and automation tasks - has become a necessity. A prime example is **FunCaptcha**, known for its robust security measures. This brings us to the pivotal tool in this arena: the **FunCaptcha Solver**. But, to harness its capabilities effectively, one must understand how to find and utilize its essential parameters. These parameters are crucial for the tool's operation, including **websiteURL**, **websitePublicKey**, and **data**.

Understanding the Key Parameters#

websiteURL: This parameter is the cornerstone for the FunCaptcha Solver. It represents the URL of the website where the FunCaptcha challenge is deployed. Identifying the correct website URL is the initial step towards targeting the specific captcha challenge you aim to solve. websitePublicKey:: An essential piece of the puzzle, the websitePublicKey is a unique identifier for the website's captcha implementation. This public key is used to signify the specific instance of FunCaptcha that needs to be addressed, making its accurate identification a critical step. data:: Often underestimated, the data parameter plays a vital role in the puzzle-solving process. It encapsulates important information required by the solver to execute its task efficiently. This might include session-related data, user interactions, or specific challenge requirements that are necessary for a successful captcha resolution.

Now that we have a basic understanding of the critical parameters required by the FunCaptcha Solver, let's delve into how we can find these parameters to enable seamless and efficient captcha solving.

Find the FunCaptcha Key Parameters#

Step 1: Confirm the target url#

Complete URL of the target page for loading the FunCaptcha, Usually this value is fixed.(for example: )

Step 2: Find the websitePublicKey#

FunCaptcha Website Key. Can be found in the data-pkey attribute of the FunCaptcha div element. and the public key, rarely updated. also You can follow this article to find the FunCaptcha Website Key

Step 3: Get the FunCaptcha data blob#

data parameter, you can find it in the initialization function of funCaptcha.
  • open the browser console and change to Network tag

  • search the request includes **/fc/gt2/public_key/your website public site key**

  • click the request, and inspecting the payload of the POST request reveals a **data[blob]** parameter, from which you can copy the value

  • The most important thing is this value changes each time. Therefore, make sure to scrape it a new value before each FunCaptcha Solver task submission to ensure the return token is valid


To solve a FunCaptcha challenge, you must accurately identify these parameters each time, as they are essential for the solver to function correctly.