How to find the sitekey of the CAPTCHA Service#

March 28,2024

Captcha format#

The identifiers of different type of Captcha Service generally have the following formats:

ReCaptcha v2 & ReCaptcha v3 & ReCaptcha Enterprise:

  • 6Le-wvkSAAAAAPBMRTvw0Q4Muexq9bi0DJwx_mJ-

  • 6LfCVLAUAAAAALFwwRnnCJ12DalriUGbj8FW_J39



  • a5f74b19-9e45-40e0-b45d-47ff91b7a6c2


  • 2CB16598-CB82-4CF7-B332-5990DB66F3AB

How to find the sitekey of ReCaptcha v2, v3, Enterprise, hCaptcha, funCaptcha#

Find reCAPTCHA sitekey#

1.Open your browser's developer tools (right click → Inspect).

  • Then you will see this window

2.Press Ctrl + Shift + F to search. Use words like "sitekey" or "render".

3.Or enter **`$('[data-sitekey]')`** in the console

4.Or find it via recaptcha api request

  • Change tab to **`Network`**
  • Use **`recaptcha`** or **`anchor`** to filter requests
  • Find something like **` dj&size=normal&sa=action&cb=hp5m3zc55qxo`** ask
  • Get **`k`** search query value

5.How to determine whether the reCAPTCHA type is the normal version or the enterprise version

  • Change tab to **`Network`**
  • Use **`recaptcha`** or **`anchor`** to filter requests
  • Find the request containing **enterprise** which is the enterprise version Captcha
  • If it only contains **`api2`**, it is a normal version

Find hcaptcha sitekey#

Similar to reCAPTCHA, We can use the console, JavaScript, and network requests to find the hCaptcha sitekey.

1.You can find it using Ctrl + Shift + F and searching for **sitekey**.

2.Enter **`$('[data-sitekey]')`** in the console

3.Request lookup via hCaptcha api

  • Change tab to **`Network`**
  • Use **``** to filter requests

Find the sitekey of funCaptcha#

We can open the newwork tab and use **``** to filter the request to find the sitekey of funCaptcha


In summary, finding sitekeys for various Captcha Service such as ReCaptcha (v2, v3, and Enterprise), hCaptcha, and funCaptcha involves some common techniques. These include leveraging browser developer tools to inspect elements of the page, searching the page's source Code, executing specific JavaScript queries in the console, and monitoring network requests for specific patterns associated with each Captcha Service. Each method provides a reliable method to identify site keys, which is critical to understanding how Captcha are integrated into websites and potentially developing Plan around Captcha challenges.