🚀 Major Update: Huge Enhancements to reCAPTCHA! 🚀#

April 02,2024

Dear Users,#

We are thrilled to announce a significant upgrade to our reCAPTCHA service! 🎉

✅ Dedicated Computing Resources - reCAPTCHA now has its own dedicated, high-powered computing resources, ensuring faster and more reliable captcha resolution.

✅ High-Quality Proxies - We have integrated top-tier proxy services to drastically improve the success rates and efficiency of captcha solving.

✅ reCAPTCHA Enterprise v2 - The pass rates for reCAPTCHA Enterprise v2 on certain websites have seen a remarkable improvement, ensuring a smoother user experience.

✅ reCAPTCHA v3 - We have optimized reCAPTCHA v3 and it now consistently supports a score of 0.9, providing robust support for automation workflows.

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