Bypassing ReCaptcha Mobile Challenges Approve Method#

May 04,2024

how to Bypass reCAPTCHA Mobile Challenges With Approve Method?#

ReCaptcha Mobile have been solve by a captcha bypassing service. We have found a way to bypass ReCaptcha Mobile and now we can solve up to 5-7 millions of ReCaptcha Mobile requests per day peaking up to 50,000 requests per minute

what is ReCaptcha Mobile?#

reCAPTCHA Android (or reCAPTCHA for mobile): This is designed specifically for mobile apps. It's essentially a version of reCAPTCHA v2 or v3 that's been optimized for mobile interfaces. It helps protect your app from spam and other abusive actions.

how to find the right params of ReCaptcha Mobile solve task?#

To build **ReCaptcha Mobile ** captcha solving tasks, here are several key parameters we could follow this article

How To Bypass CAPTCHA And ReCaptcha Mobile?#

1.bypass ReCaptcha Mobile with python

  import os
  import sys
  from nextcaptcha import NextCaptchaAPI
  client_key = os.getenv('NEXTCAPTCHA_KEY', "YOUR_CLIENT_KEY")
  api = NextCaptchaAPI(client_key=client_key)
    result = api.recaptcha_mobile(app_key="app_key", app_package_name="app_package_name", appAction="appAction")
  except Exception as e:
    sys.exit('solved: ' + str(result))

2.bypass ReCaptcha Mobile with nodejs


  import NextCaptcha from 'nextcaptcha-ts';

  const apiKey = 'YOUR_API_KEY';
  const nextCaptcha = new NextCaptcha(apiKey);

  const result = await nextCaptcha.recaptchaMobile({websiteURL, websiteKey});

3.bypass ReCaptcha Mobile with go


  package main

  import (

  func main() {
    api := nextcaptcha.NewNextCaptchaAPI("API_KEY")
    result, err := api.RecaptchaMobile("", "SITE_KEY", nextcaptcha.RecaptchaV3Options{})
    if err != nil {
    fmt.Println("result "+result)

4.bypass ReCaptcha Mobile with c#

  string clientKey = "YOUR_CLIENT_KEY";
  string solftId = ""; // Optional
  string callbackUrl = ""; // Optional
  bool openLog = true; // Optional

  var nextCaptchaAPI = new NextCaptchaAPI(clientKey, solftId, callbackUrl, openLog);

  string appKey = "YOUR_APP_KEY";
  string appPackageName = ""; // Optional
  string appAction = ""; // Optional

  var result = await nextCaptchaAPI.SolveRecaptchaMobileAsync(appKey, appPackageName, appAction);


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