Error Codes#

API error code reference#

If there is a problem with your request or task, Our API will return an Error Codes. You can find a complete list of Our API Error Codes below.

Error Codes list#

0-no error occurred
1ERROR_KEY_DOES_NOT_EXISTYour API key is incorrect, please make sure you have set it up correctly and copy it from client or developer mode in Control Panel
10ERROR_ZERO_BALANCEYour account balance is zero
11ERROR_IP_NOT_ALLOWEDThe request was made from an IP address that is not in your trusted IP list
12ERROR_CAPTCHA_UNSOLVABLEThe captcha cannot be solved normally. It may encounter a proxy, or the solution fails for various network reasons. In general, you can try again.
14ERROR_NO_SUCH_METHODA method that does not exist in the API was requested
15ERROR_IMAGE_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTEDThe image cannot be processed because the image format or size is incorrect, or the image is corrupted. Please check the image in your request
16ERROR_NO_SUCH_CAPCHA_IDThe Captcha ID you provided is incorrect
21ERROR_IP_BLOCKEDYour IP address has been banned due to inappropriate use of the API
22ERROR_TASK_ABSENTYou did not include the task attribute in the createTask method call
23ERROR_TASK_NOT_SUPPORTEDThe task attribute in your createTask method call contains a task type that is not support by Our API, or the type attribute is incorrect.
31ERROR_RECAPTCHA_INVALID_SITEKEYThe reCAPTCHA sitekey value you provided is invalid
55ERROR_ACCOUNT_SUSPENDEDYour account has been suspended due to improper use of API. Please Connect Via Telegram support team to resolve this issue
130ERROR_BAD_PROXYThe proxy parameters are incorrect or the connection cannot be established through the proxy
110ERROR_BAD_PARAMETERSA required captcha parameter is missing from your request, or the parameter format is incorrect. Please ensure that your request payload format is appropriate for the selected task type
500ERROR_UNKNOWNUnknown error. It may be an unexpected error in the system. You can contact the administrator who sent the error to solve the problem.

HTTP response Code#

If Our API handles your request correctly, the response status Code is always 200 OK . However, in the event of any type of technical issue, glitch, or maintenance, you may receive a Error Response for your request, or for malformed requests, you may receive a Client Error Response. We recommend that you check the status Code of each response and, if it is not 200 OK, wait a few seconds and repeat the request. You can also log your request data and responses for debugging purposes, which can be useful when Connect Via Telegram support team .