reCAPTCHA Mobile ProxyLess#

Token-based automatic solving method for reCAPTCHA Mobile. bypass reCAPTCHA Android/reCAPTCHA IOS API. reCAPTCHA Android solver API Document. reCAPTCHA IOS solver API Document
The received token can then be sent to the target website within the g-recaptcha-response form field or passed to a callback function.

RecaptchaMobileTaskProxyless Task object structure#

appPackageNameStringYesThe package name of the loaded reCAPTCHA application. For example,, you can get it in request
appKeyStringYesThe key to load the reCAPTCHA application is similar to the websiteKey of the web version
appActionStringYesFor additional parameters, you can search grecaptcha.execute to find the action parameters
appDeviceStringNoios | Android

Request example#

API endpoint:

method: POST

Content type: application/json

    "clientKey":"api key",
    "task": {

Response example#

  "errorId": 0,
  "status": "ready",
  "solution": {
    "gRecaptchaResponse": "03AGdBq26gJ8v3Z3J9z3..."
  "createTime": 1701234567890,
  "endTime": 1701234567890

Sample Code#

import os
import sys
from nextcaptcha import NextCaptchaAPI
client_key = os.getenv('NEXTCAPTCHA_KEY', "YOUR_CLIENT_KEY")
api = NextCaptchaAPI(client_key=client_key)
  result = api.recaptcha_mobile(app_key="app_key", app_package_name="app_package_name", appAction="appAction")
except Exception as e:
  sys.exit('solved: ' + str(result))

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